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"The Orens in Paris"

by wenda williamson

Erica, Paula, and Wes Oren in Paris

Europe, Families

"Paula, Ben, and Jessica Oren in London, 2013"

by wenda williamson

Paula, Ben, and Jessica Oren in London, 2013

Europe, Families

"Family vacation in London"

by Chris Masteller - OSU parent

The Masteller family in London with their 2 Buckeyes: Mike, Class of 2012, and Brian, Class of 2015. O_H_I_O!!!!!!!!

Alumni, Current students, Europe, Families

"O-H-I-O from Biarritz, France ~ 6.2012!"

by Allison Guseman - M.Ed in Foreign Languages 1999

A few of my students and I on a trip to Europe enjoying the sunset on the Atlantic Ocean from the west coast of France!

Alumni, Europe

"Stonehedge helps make O-H-I-O"

by Neil Stuber - BS ChE 1978

My wife and sister help me make the O-H-I-O at Stonehenge. We asked another visitor to make our picture and it turned out he was from Michigan and his son attended U of M. He said he would never live it down if he was found out. Go Bucks!

Alumni, Europe

"O-H-I-O Italian Style"

by Anthony DeAngelo - Bleed Scarlet and Gray

My son and I at the Colosseum in Rome with two random Italian natives.


"O-H-I-O in Saxon Switzerland, Germany"

by Sarah Criss McQuaide - Alumni (Graduated 2010)

Sarah McQuaide was among five runners sent to represent Columbus in the Dresden, Germany Marathon via Dresden Sister City, Inc. Here Sarah is pictured with her husband Ted and their Dresden hosts Nancy Walden and Ronny Brattig at the top of the Haentzschel Siege hiking trail in Saxon Switzerland.

Alumni, Europe

"MACEDONIAN o-h-i-o"

by Victoria Bordner - Fan

Buckeye pride on the rim of the big lake on Mt. Pretor, Bitola, Macedonia. October, 2013


"O-H-I-O at the Kremlin Sept 2014!"

by Karen (Goldberg) Lederman - Graduated Bexley High School in 1982 and Ohio State in 1986 BFA

And the best part is, my 3 helpers are from Michigan!!

Alumni, Europe

"O-H-I-O in Kacanik, Kosovo."

by Louis Waterer and Bonnie Waterer - Louis Waterer BS Physics in 1961 and Bonnie Waterer BS in Home Ec 1962

Taken at a historic church in Kacanik, Kosovo. From left: Bonnie Waterer (OSU 1962) and Louis Waterer (OSU 1961) are in the center. Our tour guide is on the left and our driver on the right.

Alumni, Europe

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