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"The Leon's - Isle of Capri Italy"

by Michael Leon - 1983 College of Arts and Sciences

Isle of Capri - Italy

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"O-H-I-O on the Black Sea"

by Megan Kupka - 3rd Year Russian & IR Major

This summer I volunteered at a camp for Russian children, that was located in a town near Sochi (Russia). It was a great experience, and actually my travels were all funded through the STEP program at OSU. The picture was taken with friends during an evening gathering on the beach.

Beach, Current students, Europe

"O-H-I-O in Old Trafford"

by Lori Ramsey - Criminology, 2006

Buckeye Fans visit England - Manchester United Stadium in Manchester, England

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"O-H-I-O in Delphi, Greece"

by Marietta Morris - OSU fans from Virginia

Go Bucks from the ancient ruins in Delphi, Greece!


"O-H-I-O in Marseille, France"

by Kayla Cassidy - Early Childhood Education Major

Taken in front of "La porte de l'orient, Marseille" with my Mom and Dad, who met at OSU!

Current students, Europe, Families

"Clava Cairns in Scotland"

by Dawn Pringle - 2001 BS Human Ecology, Consumer Affairs

Dawn traveled with her best friend Amber through the highlands of Scotland, exploring locations from her favorite book Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. This picture was taken at the 4,000 year old standing stones of Clava Cairns.

Alumni, Europe

"Nice, France"

by Jerry Dean Bunn - Class of 1970

Enjoying the beach in Nice, France in March, 2014 with a group of friends.

Alumni, Europe

"Buckeyes Take Rome"


A current student and three alumni share their Buckeye pride with the people of Italy in front of the Colosseum.

Alumni, Current students, Europe

"Buckeyes' spirit as big as the Eiffel Tower!!! "

by Tamara - Class winter 2008

First trip to France with some Buckeyes!!!

Alumni, Europe


by Lauren


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