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"O-H-I-O from Afghanistan"

by Benjamin Shellhaas - Bachelor of Arts, Sociology and Criminology, Class of '09

Alumnus Benjamin Shellhaas with three Afghan children spread Buckeye Nation to Afghanistan.

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"O-H-I-O on the Great Wall"

by Allison Sigler - 3rd year PhD student in Foreign/Second Language Education

A group of teachers, some from OSU, went to teach for 3 weeks in China as part of an intensive English program. We went to visit the Great Wall as part of the tour before beginning work and we decided to show our school pride by spelling out Ohio on the wall. We were a hit with the Chinese.

Asia, Faculty/Staff

"Go Bucks!!!"

by David Crumley

SGT. Demetra Ross, SPC. Brian Mcenaney, SPC. Michael Buchenic, and SPC. David Crumley of the 37th IBCT, Ohio Army National Guard serving in Afghanistan

Asia, Military


by Brian Whitten - SSG

O-H-I-O from 2nd Plt HHB 1-134, FOB Lindsey Afghanistan

Asia, Military

"O-H-I-O in China"

by Carol Koksal - Music Education 1982

Buckeyes are everywhere!

Alumni, Asia

"O-H-I-O at my Wedding in India"

by Vivek Hariharan - Engineer, Class 2008

Srutha and I got married in India this June 2012 and Karthik & Sriram were there to be a part of all the fun. This is picture just after the wedding ceremony. (L-R): Karthik, Srutha, Vivek and Sriram

Alumni, Asia, Weddings

"Wedding Reception in India"

by Vivek Hariharan - Buckeye Fan

(L-R): Karthik, Srutha, Vivek, & Sriram. At the wedding reception of Vivek and Srutha in June 2012

Alumni, Asia, Weddings

"Heritage Tour - Great Wall, China"

by Barb Holmes - FAN

The four chinese cuties on the Great Wall!

Asia, Families

"Tiananmen Square - Heritage Tour"

by Barb - Fan

Traveling through China on a Heritage Tour with our girls.

Asia, Families

"Temple of Heaven - Heritage Tour"

by Barb - Fan

Part of the Heritage Tour for our girls...

Asia, Families

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