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"O-H-I-O on the beach in Jamaica"

by michael and Renae Cotton - Political Science 1999

my wife and I found a bunch of fellow Buckeyes in Jamaica!

Alumni, Beach, Latin America/Caribbean

"OSU Pride in Jamaica"

by Trump Family

Uploaded via iPhone Application.

Families, Latin America/Caribbean

"O-H-I-O in Panama"

by Diana Santangelo - Graduated in 2003 with an English major and have been teaching and traveling ever since.

Teaching the O-H-I-O to our Spanish friends on one of the world's smallest islands in San Blas, Panama on the Kuna tribe reservation! The wildest part is that almost all tourists were from Panama, yet a Michigan fan from Detroit took the picture. What a world!

Alumni, Beach, Latin America/Caribbean

"Buckeyes in Jamaica"

by Christopher Rekas - B.A. Class of 2002

A lasting friendship that started at Ohio State. Chris Rekas, B.A. 2002 (far left) and Gerrit Schafrath, B.A. 2002 (far right), with their wives Kristen Rekas and Svitlana Schafrath, in Whitehouse, Jamaica. GO BUCKS!

Alumni, Beach, Latin America/Caribbean

"O-H-I-O Puerto Rico"

by Dianne Gonzalez - fan

On vacation in Puerto Rico we wanted to show our spirit!

Latin America/Caribbean

"PR vaca"

by Dianne Gonzalez - fan

At "El Morro", the 16th century fort in San Juan Puerto Rico, March 2012, after capturing our pic a tourist van pulls up with all Michigan fans. After some ragging my husband tells them: we just did OHIO in front of El Morro. Top that!

Latin America/Caribbean

"Cape Horn, Chile"

by Janet Morris

The Wandering Albatross Memorial to all the ships that have perished trying to round the Cape.

Latin America/Caribbean

"O-H-I-O in Cuba"

by Jim McElroy - BS 1970

Dr. Seema Dhingra, Sunny Dhingra, Jim McElroy ('70 LM) and Pat McElroy explore the Vinales Valley in Cuba

Alumni, Latin America/Caribbean

"Grand Cayman "

by Roger Saneholtz - Optometry 1974

An example of excellent recruiting. Notice the O's in the picture are present Michigan St and Michigan students. Met this family on a cruise. Excellent young men.

Alumni, Latin America/Caribbean

"OSU in the Dominican"

by Brittany Steingass

Uploaded via iPhone Application.

Beach, Latin America/Caribbean

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