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by Mike

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"Air Force Pilot Training"

by Ryan - Class of 2014

Three buckeye alumni beginning Air Force pilot training in Pueblo, CO.

Alumni, Military

"US Army Basic Training Graduates of Fort Jackson"

by Bonnie L. Beightol - 1992 Graduate Elementary Education

Alumni, Military

"Four Buckeyes at The United States Naval Test Pilot School"

by Adam Klein - Industrial and Systems Engineering, Class of 2000

Four graudates of The Ohio State University are currently at The United States Naval Test Pilot School in Patuxent River, MD where the U.S. Navy trains Test Pilots, Test Flight Officers, and Test Engineers for the challenges of developmental and engineering flight test. Two of the graudates are instructors (John Deems, Adam Klein) while two are current students (Shay Pontsler, Christopher Wells).

Alumni, Military


by Drake - Marine buckeye

Fleet week


"IRAQ 2010"


Middle East, Military


by David Tirey - LT Tirey/Engineering Officer/Ohio Native and Fan

USS RUSSELL DDG 59 in drydock preparing to undock and get back in the water. San Diego, CA

Military, US

"Afghanistan O-H-I-O!"

by Ivan Dressler - Ohio Native. Bleed Scarlet and Gray

Camp Nathan Smith, Khandahar, Afghanistan

Asia, Military



Colonel Michael Pappas (United States Army Ret.) and Aviation Boatswain Mate Fuels Third Class Petty Officer Danielle Pappas (United States Navy) in the Pentagon for Colonel Pappas' retirement


"200 Redhorse in Escobal, Panama"

by Mackenzie Schell

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Latin America/Caribbean, Military

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