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"O-H-I-O silhouette on Mirror Lake"

by Tashmeen Huda - Class of 2012

Friends reunited

Alumni, On campus, Silhouettes

"South End Zone @ The 'Shoe"

by Lee Niedenthal - 2011 Graduate

Four first-year OSU law students during a tour of The Ohio Stadium in early March '15!

Alumni, Current students, On campus


by Bailey - Engineering Major, First year

Snowball Fight outside Smith-Steeb

Current students, On campus, Winter

"Future Buckeye swimmers?"

by Rick

On campus

"National Champion Celebration"

by Buckeyeman

Uploaded via iPhone Application.

On campus

"#gobucks "

by Dom

On campus

"Buckeyes Stadium Tour"

by Becky Fraser - graduated in 1988

Parent and Family weekend with our newest Buckeye and a want-to-be Buckeye. From left to right: Bruce Fraser, Becky Fraser, Megan Fraser, and Aaron Fraser.

Alumni, On campus

"Baumgardner kids"

by Allison

Uploaded via iPhone Application.

Families, On campus

"Celebrating a 50th birthday at Mirror Lake"

by Marci Rose - OT 1990

The Rose Family is celebrating Lorne Rose's 50th birthday at Mirror Lake

Alumni, Families, On campus

"Bringing NC friends to a cold November game"

by Tom Manning - '74 BS-Business Adm, TBDBITL Alumni

I had the opportunity to play OSU ambassador by bringing three North Carolina friends to the OSU-Illinois game. None had ever attended a game in Columbus! We spent the afternoon touring the university sites and passed through the Oval for a picture. They experienced the Skull Session as well!

Alumni, On campus

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