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"OHIO top of Glacier Point, Yosemite"

by J Larry Testa - '83 OSU Grad, Communications and Photojournalism

My kids and I decided to get to the top of Glacier Point in Yosemite Nat'l Park to catch the sunrise. Standing there as the sun cleared the mountains there was wonderful light and this huge flat stone and my kids did the O-H-I-O in shadow on the rock face. A really fun and wonderful moment!

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"Shadow O-H-I-O"

by George Zito - Class of 1972

Taken at Tumwater Falls Park in Washington state while watching the salmon.

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"Cancun OHIO"

by Paige Brudzinski - Fan


"Shadow buckeyes"

by Buckeyeman

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"OHIO from The Grand Canyon"

by Jason Wulf - Masters Degree in Elementary Administration

Family trip to the Grand Canyon, just by accident we saw our shadow on the rocks below and decided to leave our OSU mark on Arizona.

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"Jean Klock OHIO"

by Jean Klock Beach OHIO

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"Welcome Week OHIO"

by Nicole Badik

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"Gatlinburg shadow OSU pride"

by Jessica - Zoology major class of 2017

Showing some OSU pride at Wonderworks in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

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"NJ Beacj"

by Kristin

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"First road trip"

by Pranav Malewadkar - MS CS

Visiting a friend interning in Cleveland. This was taken at the pier besides the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Unfortunately the sun was in the wrong place!)


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