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"OSU Women's Water Polo Players"

by Megan Harberts - Physics, PhD class of 2015

Senior members of the Ohio State Women's Club Water polo team after their last game in the Collegiate Water Polo Association division tournament hosted at Ohio State.

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"Meeting Rapper MC Jin"

by Judy Tung - Human Resources, Senior 2015, OSU undergraduate student

I went to a midwest Asian American conference called MAASU (Google it) and met my middle school idol, MC Jin. He raps in English AND Cantonese and I convinced him and my newly made friends to join me in their first OH-IO photo. Judy (O), Adrian (H), MC Jin (I), Sien (O)

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"Ohio 4-H Ambassadors â¤ï¸ the Buckeyes"

by Hannah Jarvis - location:Columbus

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"OSU second year vet school OHIO"

by Buckeyeman

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"OSU First Year Vet School"

by Buckeyeman

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"Hawaiian O-H-I-O"

by Dawn Kessler Mack - 1983 Education Majors (Tim, Dawn), 2014 Education Major and OSU Lacrosse Player (Kevin), 2014 Optometry Grad (T. Danny), Current Education Major (Taylor)

Taken at Turtle Bay on the North Shore of Oahu at half time of the Sugar Bowl( OSU vs. Alabama). Pictured: current Buckeye student, Taylor Kessler, and OSU grads Tim Mack, Dawn Kessler Mack, Danny Mack, and Kevin Mack with relatives. The extended family was celebrating cousin Gretchen's birthday.

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"Hunt Seat Equestrian Team O-H-I-O"

by Michaela Smith - Public Affairs 2016

Four members of the Ohio State Hunt Seat Equestrian Team do O-H-I-O before the start of their weekly lesson.

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"2015 Engineering Service-Learning Haiti"

by Roger Dzwonczyk - Instructor ENGR 5797.16S

Ohio State and American University of the Caribbean (AUC) students installed a 1.7kW solar electric system (solar panels are seen in background) at a K-8 school in Fauge, Haiti during spring break. The students not only collaborated on the project but also in demonstrating their school spirit.

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"Mount Scholars with Honest Abe"

by Shannon O'Toole

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"Sunset in Negril ~ Spring Break 2015"

by Amy - HIM grad '82 and Nursing '14

Sunset in Negril, Jamaica - O-H-I-O by an OSU alumni, an OSU senior, an OSU junior and a future OSU student - all on Spring Break!

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