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"Kenya Safari 2013"

by Lynne and Mark Siegal - Lynne is an OSU grad and Mark is adjunct faculty

Our two guides, Bill (left) and Simon (right) may not have seen a Buckeye football game but they sure were good sports in posing for this picture with us on our safari to Kenya in 2013. Those are elephants and Wildebeests at the horizon line.

Africa, Alumni, Faculty/Staff

"Pelican Cove, Los Angeles"

by Ajit Chaudhari - Associate Professor of Physical Therapy

On January 2nd, celebrating the Sugar Bowl victory over Alabama by tidepooling on the California coast. Casey & Asha Chaudhari (Buckeye Born), Lise Worthen-Chaudhari and Ajit Chaudhari (faculty members at the College of Medicine).

Faculty/Staff, US

"Farewell Air Force Academy, Hello O-H-I-O"

by Dr. Brenda Buffignton - College of Nursing

Dr. Brenda Buffington recently left the United States Air Force Academy to join the faculty of the College of Nursing at The Ohio State University!


"O-H-I-O on safari, Krueger National Park, South Africa"

by Beth Cullen - Faculty

Atop a giant termite hill.

Africa, Faculty/Staff, Silhouettes

"O-H-I-O at Cape of Good Hope, South Africa"

by Beth Cullen - Faculty

This is the most South-Western point of the African continent

Africa, Faculty/Staff

"National Championship Trophy 2015"

by Christina Detwiler - alumni, fan, faculty

Taken in AT&T stadium on 1/13/15 after winning the first Undisputed National Championship! Go Bucks

Faculty/Staff, Game day

"Magic Kingdom Entrance"

by Bette Dillon - Mom of Buckeyes!

Nanny & PopPop took two future Buckeyes! Dad graduated & works for OSU, Mom received MA, worked & is a Grad Student at OSU, Uncle #1 works for OSU & studies part time, Uncle #2 graduated from OSU.

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"Go Bucks! Education Advisory Board alumni and friends"

by Katherine Margard - Office of Academic Affairs

Cheering on the Buckeyes from Washington DC before the National Championship Game! L-R: Katie Cox ('06); Thomas Fringer; Wes Pendarvis, John Tannous ('08). Thomas and Wes serve as dedicated advisors for OSU's various partnerships with the Education Advisory Board.

Faculty/Staff, Game day

"Chip and Dale as the "O" in OHIO"

by Mark Aucoin - BS in Natural Resources; 1977: Head Manager OSU Men's Basketball

Alumni, Faculty/Staff

"Dolphin photo bomb"

by Amy Hoover - I am a clinical research assistant at OSUWMC.

The day after the big win over Alabama my family was at Dicovery Cove in Orlando, Florida. Our dolphin was an Ohio Sea World native, his name was Rascal. Best of all, the trainer was a VERY disappointed Alabama fan and thought her co-workers were playing a trick on her when asked to perform the dolphin trick for this photo! A priceless memory for my family. GO BUCKS!!!!!

Faculty/Staff, Families, Travel/Vacation, US

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