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Alumni Scholars Program

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Alumni Scholars Program

The Alumni Scholars Program offers financial support to exemplary students through their local alumni club.

Updated application deadline for 2024

  • New deadline of March 15, 2024, for all alumni club scholarships

    The FAFSA Simplification Act this year has significantly delayed the release of the FAFSA (which had a “soft” launch on 12/31) resulting in students just now beginning to complete the application. Along with this, the information sent to all institutions once the student completes the FAFSA is delayed as well. Because of this, it has created some issues around financial need in ScholarshipUniverse (SU), specifically with matching. Because all the financial need components in SU are derived from the FASFA, if your scholarship has a need component, students will not match until we begin receiving this information. We anticipate that we will begin to receive the FAFSA data sometime in early February. Unfortunately, this is something out of our control, but we are working to make sure the information is here as soon as possible. If you speak or meet with students about this situation soon, you will want to remind them to review their SU profile in February for any new scholarships that are available (based on need).

  • How to apply

    Thank you for your interest in the Alumni Scholars Program. During the ScholarshipUniverse process, if you match to an alumni club scholarship in your home area, please click on it and complete the application.

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Contact SFA

Most student financial aid matters can be managed online through My Buckeye Link and by following the instructions and resources provided on this site. For assistance, including general information or personalized help with anything related to financial aid, contact Buckeye Link.

Buckeye Link

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Hours: Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Phone: 614-292-0300

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