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Enriching firm friendships across our alumni and Buckeye communities

Buckeye Alumni Recruitment

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Buckeye Alumni Recruitment

The BAR program's mission is to connect Ohio State alumni and parents to recruitment activities within Undergraduate Admissions.

A note from Undergraduate Admissions

Whether you are exploring the possibility of joining the BAR program or are a current member, we encourage you to explore this web space. Use the navigation below to begin learning more about our program and how to become a volunteer.

Downtown Columbus

Volunteer to recruit

BAR volunteers may represent the university at college fairs in their communities, serve on an in-person or virtual panel, assist with registration and interact with guests at local receptions, and/or share a written testimonial. No matter the activity, the alumni and parent perspective is valuable as students consider becoming a Buckeye. BAR volunteers play an essential role in helping us to recruit a diverse and talented class.

What to Expect

Volunteer Resources

College Fairs

If you receive a request to attend a college fair or wish to find out if there is a college fair open to alumni volunteers in your area, please send it to

Preparing for a college fair

The following information can help you prepare for volunteering at a college fair. Whether you're preparing for your first college fair or your fiftieth, it's a good idea to become familiar with these general guidelines. They'll help you be prepared to assist prospective students and their families during your college fair.

  1. Once you've arranged with Undergraduate Admissions to attend a college fair, complete the College Fair Materials Request Form at least three weeks before the event in order for materials to arrive on time.
  2. Please watch the College Fair Training Video and review the following resources:
    1. Know the recruiting principles we follow and be familiar with examples of ethical and unethical behavior.
    2. Review the BAR volunteer resources on this page to learn the answers to some questions asked most often at college fairs.
  3. Review the reference materials, supplies and handouts in your college fair box.
  4. Follow up the day after the college fair by completing the College Fair Response Form online and return completed inquiry cards in the envelope provided in your college fair materials.
    1. If you have any follow-up items that need immediate attention, contact the BAR program coordinator.

For more information about volunteering to attend a college fair in your area, please email Undergraduate Admissions staff at

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