July 2018

Earl Bruce raising his hat

Loyal all his days

We pay tribute to Earl Bruce ’53, who died this past April. A man whose loyalty knew no bounds, his strong love for Ohio State remained with him his entire life.

He was a great football player, a great coach, a great husband, father and grandfather. A true Buckeye through and through, all the way to the very end.


Buckeye Summit promotes healthy communities

Bernadette Melnyk speaking at Buckeye Summit

Bernadette Melnyk, the university’s chief wellness officer, reflects on the 2018 Buckeye Summit, the current state of wellness across our country and how we all can play a part in improving lives.


Big ideas grown at tiny farm

picture of two men looking at plants in a microfarm

Microfarms at the Ohio State Mansfield campus are changing the future of urban farming as we know it — and students are already reaping the research benefits.