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Jasdeep Kang

Jasdeep Kang

Jasdeep's scholarship meant he could focus on paying forward to others through volunteering and mentoring fellow students.

Jasdeep Kang portrait
Jasdeep Kang

My family is from India, where they grew up on a farm before moving to America. My dad was actually the first person in my family to go to college. I was raised in Canton and always knew that Ohio State would give me a great student experience, no matter what I decided to study.

Right after I was accepted for admission, my financial aid package got updated. Literally right after! I was so thrilled around my house and told everyone in my family. It made me so confident that I made the right decision to come here and be a Buckeye.

I've always been fascinated by the brain, which is why I’m studying neuroscience. I definitely plan on going to medical school, and the more I learn about neurology, psychology and surgery, the more I discover that Ohio State has created incredible pathways to discover what I am most interested in.

Being a recipient of The Jody Victor Family Endowed Scholarship Fund has given me the opportunity to focus on my passion for helping others. This is so important to me. I volunteer all my time: I’m a mentor, a resident advisor, and I help students with disabilities.


When you support scholarships, you are helping more than just one person. You are helping an entire community. - Jasdeep Kang


Without this support, I would not be able to serve in all these roles and spend over 200 hours volunteering for the suicide prevention hotline. It makes me think of all the people I would not be able to help if I didn’t have the opportunities given to me by these donors. Scholarships help people beyond the recipient because they allow students like me to further our work in different fields, to go deeper and really be immersed in our studies. When you support scholarships, you are helping more than just one person. You are helping an entire community.

I am so grateful for this scholarship and the donors who have made all this possible. Thank you!

Jasdeep Kang

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