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Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis

Joshua's Ohio State journey started years ago, right out of high school when he was not quite ready for college. Going back to school was a big leap of faith.

Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis. '21

My Ohio State journey started years ago, right out of high school when I was not quite ready for college. I dropped out of Ohio State Mansfield and entered the hotel industry, climbing the ladder over the next decade. But I felt like I wasn’t making a difference.

When I was approached by Mansfield’s Little Buckeye Children’s Museum to co-create and sponsor an exhibit about what it’s like to run a hotel, I began to realize that I love helping young people learn. I put in my two weeks’ notice and started full time at Ohio State Mansfield again, as an early childhood education major. Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye.

Going back to school was a big leap of faith for my wife and me. We have six children, and I would have to go at it full force to do something more for my family and community. I became a Buckeye Ambassador, giving tours of campus and helping with new student orientation, and I was even chosen as one of the five campus Sesquicentennial Scholars. I wanted to give my all to my education.

“Because of giving individuals like you, who contribute to scholarship support and student emergency assistance, I’m going to make an impact as a teacher in the Mansfield area.”

Joshua Davis ’21, Ohio State Mansfield

Our finances became much more challenging when we experienced some unexpected setbacks. I injured my back and needed crutches. I was also in an accident, and my car was damaged in the process. Then our basement flooded — as they say, bad luck comes in threes!

Just when I was afraid I was going to have to quit school, our Ohio State family took care of us. After getting a call about emergency funding for students, I applied, and we received the support to get us through. We were able to repair our car and get the basement cleaned out.

Please know that I am going to pay forward your generosity and hopefully inspire my students to go to college like I did. I can invest in their futures because you invested in mine.

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