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Kendra Thomas

Kendra Thomas

Scholarship support made a significant difference for Kendra and enabled her to embrace opportunities for involvement at Ohio State and pursue internships.

Kendra Thomas portrait
Kendra Thomas ’17, ’21 PharmD

Long before I entered college, I was interested in the sciences and math. For me, Ohio State was a great choice because, in addition to its highly ranked academic programs, it wasn’t too far from my hometown of Cincinnati. I also knew I would find numerous options to pursue a major that would suit my interests.

I chose the College of Pharmacy because of the wide range of career options available to graduates. And, because there’s so much variety within the field, I knew I would never get bored! After completing my Bachelor of Science, I continued my studies and have earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

Scholarship support made a significant difference because it enabled me to embrace opportunities for involvement at Ohio State and pursue internships, all while reducing the amount of debt I incurred.

Throughout my studies, I was involved in several different student organizations, including serving as president of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy. I also participated in international experiences. In Buckeyes Without Borders, I was part of an interdisciplinary team of pharmacy and medical students who provided patient care to people in Honduras.


I want to share my great appreciation for your support! It’s wonderful knowing that we have donors like you who are invested in what students are passionate about — in my case, increasing access to life-saving medications — and want to help us get through school. - Kendra Thomas ’17, ’21 PharmD


One day, I hope to create solutions that ensure better access to the drugs that improve people’s lives. As I think about my future, I’m so excited to be able to help identify the barriers that patients have with obtaining medications.

My northward trajectory through Ohio has brought me to Cleveland, where I recently completed my seventh rotation at University Hospital. I’ve enjoyed getting to experience a new city, but I’m not going anywhere just yet, as I’ve started a two-year fellowship working in the marketing department of The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson.

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