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Why I give to scholarships

Excited students walking in their graduation ceremony with diplomas in hand

Why I Give to Scholarships

By supporting scholarships, you can make a transformational impact on the lives of students, their families and our communities. These scholarship champions describe why they've chosen to become an integral part of creating vibrant futures for Buckeyes.

view of mirror lake surrounded by treesI was a single-mother in college trying to juggle looking after a young child, doing my studies and working to make ends meet. There were many people and organizations along my journey who helped me, sometimes in the form of loans and other times as scholarships. I have been so fortunate and am honored that I can give back as I know there are many, many students who are in need.

- Beth Hume



students walking on a path around mirror lake in the eveningI give because I made it my life’s mission to lift as I climb; to support others working hard at their shot; to contribute to greater access and opportunity for young aspiring women who could use someone who has been where they are to say, you got this!

- Lauren Harris



close up of a buckeye tree branch and leaves shining in the sunI was a first-generation college student from a rural town. Money was tight and there were no extras. I worried about money all the time, even though I worked all summer and while in school. I give in an effort to ease those money worries that many of our students carry. I give so those who do worry, know someone cares enough to help when they are able.

- Anna Parkman




flowering cherry and redbud trees in the springWe believe there are so many more young people that would pursue a college education if only they had the financial means to do so. Why should money be the main obstacle? If we can help these young adults achieve their dream of getting a higher education, we are happy to help and wish we could help even more. The return on investment to society is immeasurable.

- David Sheets




the ohio state university seal on a campus walkwayI believe education and higher education in particular, is the great equalizer in the balance of society. The research at Ohio State is helping solve the world's challenges be it environmental, medical, science, economics or societal. Lastly, I live out of state and giving is a great way to stay connected not only to my favorite university and to Ohio and family.

- Michael Worley


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By supporting scholarships, you become an integral part of creating vibrant futures for Buckeyes.

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