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Endowment funds are essential to the vitality and financial security of The Ohio State University. They preserve gifts in perpetuity so they can power the university’s core mission of education, research, knowledge creation, and community service.

Endowment donors have a unique opportunity to watch their gifts inspire, encourage, and create excellence today, with the assurance that their investment will fortify the university and touch countless lives for generations to come.

Endowments created at The Ohio State University enable donors to:

  • Make a lasting impact on Ohio State, now and for the future
  • Match their match their passions and interests with a permanent wellspring of support
  • Provide a lasting tribute for someone who has inspired them or changed their lives
  • Magnify the impact of higher education on today’s world while “paying forward” for future generations

Donors or their designees are kept apprised of the ongoing impact of their endowment through periodic reports and/or other communication.

The Board of Trustees approves the establishment of endowed chair and professorship positions as well as the appointments of faculty to the chairs. Appointment to an endowed chair and professorship remains the highest honor an academic institution can bestow upon a faculty member.

Endowed Faculty

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